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Short-term loans for the unemployed on benefits

Cheap loans for the unemployed A Solo Loans is a credible credit company in the UK offering personalized and cheap deals on loans for unemployed people. He has an experienced team of professionally trained credit counselors to guide people in times of crisis. Our sustainable offerings have transformed the lives of unemployed people who had to rely on limited financing…

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Responsible loan A loan

As of May 1, 2019, the Association of Netherlands Finance Companies will implement various amendments to the Code of Conduct for Consumer Credit. Supporting consumers to borrow responsibly is at the heart of these changes. Adjustments include revolving credit. The conformity of the outstanding amount with the consumer’s financial situation will be checked regularly during the term of the revolving…

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Bad Loans – Loans for bad credit

Loans for bad credit Living with bad credit can be difficult in times of financial stability, but can cause damage in a financial emergency and you have to apply for a loan for bad credit. Where can you turn when you have a short-term currency crisis? You need something that can give you a decision in minutes and send you…

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